Meet Stacey Randell, our Senior Director of Operations. She guides the teams that work tirelessly to ensure every single dealer and customer has the best possible experience when they partner with us. Stacey oversees customer service, customer care, dealer support, and the funding team. In other words, she focuses on every step of the process.

Stacey brings over 15 years of experience in operations management, with a primary focus on customer experience and process optimization. She knows what it takes to build a truly seamless process when it comes to your business and your customers. Stacey’s team is busy working behind the scenes from the time you submit an application, right up until we proceed with funding.

“We support the entire workflow and focus on making every single step smooth and simple,” says Stacey. “We want our dealers to have the confidence that no matter what, we’re going to process their deals within our service levels. We want them to feel assured every step of the way that they’re in good hands, and so are their customers.”

Stacey has been involved in a number of large-scale projects designed to optimize customer experience and foster a strong dealer support system, including the establishment of a project management office, introducing company-wide team collaboration tools, and improving quality assurance.

When she’s not busy perfecting the art of customer experience, you’ll find Stacey racing in triathlons as she trains for her goal of competing in her first Ironman Triathlon in 2022.

Want to get in touch with Stacey? Feel free to reach out to her at